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My Genealogy search / Pedigree

Now we know a little more about our origin and our name (see previous sections in this website) I can now see the list below of my ancestors with dates The order is very easy .. from Father to Son ... and again and again ... There are a few side branches made the tree; you can recognize them from the blue by linking.

the list of my forefathers, while the 13 GENERATIONS together:

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Michiel van Popering abt 1580      click here for more information

Pieter Michielsen van Popering abt 1600    &1630marr   with Eva Gouberge

Adriaen Pzn van Popering -1of6kids- 1644-1697   &1671marr   Urselina J Deckers 1650-xxxx

St Philipsland

Jan Azn van Popering -1of7-    1675-1740
     1st marr1696
Marija Cornelisse Kattendijke 1680-1722
     att: one of his son's...Adriaan 1696 (Bruinisse), is from the 1st marr. of Jan v.P.,
     he is a direct ancestor of the v.P.fam. lines in Michigan
     Adriaan van Popering 1696-xxxx      click here for more information

Jan Azn van Popering -1/7-    1675-1740
      2nd marr Sara Noordhoek xxxx-1730
      3rd marr1733 Neeltje M. v.d. Jagt 1703-1745
     [att: a son of Jan's with Neeltje... Marinus 1735 (Bruinisse) .,
     he is a direct ancestor of the v.P. fam.lines in NY/ Long Island US]
Marinus van Popering -2/4- 1735-1800      click here for more information

Wouter van Popering -1/4-    1733-1767 &1766marr   Elisabeth Brouwer 1744-1780



Wouter Wouterse[zn] van Popering -1/2- 1767-1824   &1792marr   Pieternella A.van den Berg 1770-1815

Wouter van Popering -1/5-  1802-1884   &1824marr   Jacoba Haak 1806-1865

Marinus van Popering -1/14- 1833-1904   &1858marr   Lena de Jonge 1832-1909

Wouter Mz. van Popering -1/3-   1862-1926   &1890marr   Johanna Donker 1860-1948

Den Haag

Cornelis Wouter van Popering -1/6-   1902-1981    &1928marr   Grada C J Bruijnius 1910-1991

Cornelis Wouter van Popering -1/12-      &1967marr   Silvia Stroober


Bart van Popering -1/2-      &2000marr    Melissa Ducombe

pedrigree C.v.Popering (myself) from left to right:
stamboom c.van popering  
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my parents: