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Welcome to my genea family website

Welcome to the Cees van Popering Family site,
You will find interesting data that affect our family.
You can view our pedigree, but there is obviously room for more recent cases.
Do you have some family information, or are there any questions, please let me know. ... Lots of fun !

In this site you will find:

My favorite items

    • the search for my name: v.POPERING
    • the historical road traveled to Zeeland in the past
    • the province of Zeeland, namely Tholen and Schouwen
    • Family Tree " Van Popering in the Netherlands"
  2. Silvia's garden and my Solar project
    • our secret garden
    • solar, renewable energy

"Popering Be. in 1644  "
 Belgium, Flanders, Poperinge in 1644

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