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Bruinisse or Bru

Coming from Bergen op Zoom, Tholen, St Philipsland and Anna Jacobapolder we now arrived in Bruinisse. In this village lived, and still live, already 250 years long, many of Van Popering families.

My grandfather Wouter van Popering married with Johanna Donker lived here in the Molenstraat. The profession of grandfather Wouter ... barber and tailor. His nickname ?.. Woutje Pas (Fit)

Bruinisse, the village of when, was the 1st day's in a traditional setup. From the dike along the harbor, a Front Street [Voorstraat] ran to the Ring. (Korte Ring) In the midst of it was the graveyard surrounded by a moat, in the middle of the Reformed church.

The location of Bruinisse surrounded by fish-rich waters and the presence of a bequame port, the population presented soon in a position to engage in fishing. Herring & shrimp were caught and the many oyster and mussel farms yielded tons of shellfish. Bruinisse took an important position of the shellfish culture in the Dutch counties

Bruinisse is at the the Grevelingenmeer[lake] , the largest salt water lake in Europe. It is a pleasant village, especially if you are looking for relaxation. The landscape offers many opportunities for walking and cycling. The Grevelingenmeer offers good opportunities for water sports.

Zierikzee, 15 mi. from Bru, a picturesque and beautiful old town along the Oosterschelde


Around 1920 my father Kees Sr. van Popering and his brothers Anthony and Marinus left Bruinisse to Zierikzee. They started their own cigar factory on the Krepelstraat in the rather delicate tobacco world. (See top of the famous warehouse in the slideshow)