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  • birth registration Adriaan Van Popering 1644
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  • Bergen op Zoom city
  • home of  Pieter M. van Popering ad.1540 in the Molstraat
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Bergen op Zoom (B.o.Z.), a fortified city

Through genealogy research I found there the medieval house (1580 yr) of my oldest ancestor in the Molstraat nr.10 of Bergen op Zoom. :

Pieter Machielse of Popering, he was a cavalry rider in the Dutch States army and lived in the house in Molstraat called "The Smeehamer" (see slideshow above). Together with his wife Eva Gouberge they had 5 children: Adriaantje, Elisabeth, Tanneke, Anneken, Adriaen (geb febr 1644) . Adriaen is our heir, he was baptized in the Reformed Church St. Gertrude at the Grote Markt, see picture right.

Some name changes/ clerical came out of my Van Popering genealogy research: the names: de Poperinghe, Van Poperijnck, Van Pope Rinck, Van Poperingen, Van Poperin, Popering, Poperin, and.. Van Poepéle In the next part of this site, the Zeeland tour , of my ancestors through Tholen, St. Annaland, St Philips land, Anna Jacobapolder and stopped in Bruinisse (Zeeland)

Bergen op Zoom, the key to Zeeland

Bergen op Zoom, given its location, has always been of great strategic importance. The city is situated on a sandy ridge flanked by an initially low land with ponds and marshes. The city was considered the 'Key of Zeeland. Who owned Bergen op Zoom , controlled Zealand. Especially during the Eighty Years War [1565-1645] Bergen op Zoom was a fortress of importance.

The medieval fortifications were modernized and a garrison soldiers was stationed in the city. During the Eighty Years' War has twice been a long siege, but not once is the enemy succeeded in conquering the city. A famous song, entitled "Merck toch hoe Sterck" [transl.] " See how strong we are" is still one of the best known old Dutch Songs.

the Fortified cities

Fortified cities from the 15th to the 18th century were fortified with walls, ramparts, bastions and other fortifications. They had to protect the civilian population against attacks and intruders. In times of war attended all citizens within the walls and was fortified by farms within the walls or ramparts self-sufficient. Because the entire city life took place within its walls, every square centimeter of space was utilized. That made a fortified not only very compact but also very organized.

The walled towns as B.o.Z. are tangible evidence of the genesis of the Netherlands. Nowadays everyone can enjoy the charm of the fortified cities and their fortifications. Every city tells its own story and breathes its own atmosphere. This past can you see in many places in full glory.

In the next part of this website, I'll continue the story of my genealogy/towns in Zeeland